Fleet Insurance FAQ

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Q: What is windscreen cover for fleet?

A: You may be entitled to windscreen cover on your fleet insurance as long as you have a comprehensive policy in the event of damage to your windscreen including chips and cracks we can arrange for replacement or repair without effecting your no claims bonus, excess may be applicable.
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Q: What is fleet insurance?

A: Fleet Insurance is a package policy which can insure all of your vehicles in one place under a single insurance company with the same renewal date making it easier to manage. Other benefits include dedicated account handler, a flexible MID system to ensure your vehicles are covered sufficiently regardless of level of cover required.
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Q: Is there a standard fleet insurance policy?

A: There is no standard fleet insurance policy, as no two companies are the same we tailor fit your insurance policy to meet your demands and needs. Policy types include insurance, business fleet car insurance, policies for HGV fleets, light goods fleets, family fleet insurance and more.
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Q: What licence do I need for a fleet policy?

A: You will need a Full UK or EU Licence to drive on a fleet policy.
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Q: Can I use my fleet policy abroad?

A: Cover for using your fleet abroad can be arranged for short periods depending on your insurance company. If this is something you will require on your policy be sure to advise us during your quotation.
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Q: Are there a certain number of drivers I can have on my fleet policy?

A: There is no limit to the number of drivers that you can have on a fleet policy, as they are usually Any Driver over 25 but this can vary depending on the insurance company. Additional driving restrictions can include Any Driver over 30, Any Driver over 21 or on a Named Driver basis, depending on your requirements.
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Q: Can I get fleet insurance with a criminal conviction?

A: Yes you can get fleet insurance with a criminal conviction but you must declare it to the insurance company. In the event of a non-disclosure your insurance may be deemed null and void which can impact your ability to obtain insurance in the future, and in the event of an accident could have serious ramifications, including fines and even further criminal convictions.
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Q: Do I need a certain amount of vehicles for a fleet policy?

A: You need at least 3 vehicles to have a fleet policy. At Connect we have two types of fleet products Mini Fleet Insurance which is between 2-10 vehicles and Fleet Insurance which is 10+.
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Q: Do I need to make insurance company aware of my driver’s convictions and claims?

A: You always need to make insurance companies aware of any driver who has any claims or convictions as it will need to be referred over to the insurance company as they may not be eligible to drive on the policy. In the event that the driver is allowed on the policy there may be certain restrictions and endorsements applied.
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Q: Who can drive on a fleet policy?

A: As a rule of thumb any driver aged between 25-70 years old, who has held a licence for at least 1 year and has no accidents or convictions will not need to be referred over to insurance company, where the policy is an Any Driver over 25. Anything that falls outside of this category will need to be referred, for other driving restrictions the ages mentioned above would need to be adjusted accordingly (i.e. Any Driver over 30 policy would cover drivers aged between 30-70 without referral)
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Q: Are there age limits on drivers?

A: Anyone aged between 17-25 years old will need to be referred to the insurance company as they are classed as a young driver, which some insurance companies do not accept. This can also be the same with older drivers so anyone aged over 70.
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Q: I have a high end vehicle can I cover it on my fleet?

A: If you have high end vehicle you can insure this on your fleet policy and you can insure it for a higher amount which won’t affect any other vehicles on your policy.
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Q: Can I cover mine and my family’s cars on my fleet policy?

A: You cannot cover your family’s vehicles unless they are directors in your company; if you want to insure all your family’s vehicles in one place you should use the family fleet insurance policy. Should you wish for your spouse to use your vehicle included on the fleet policy this is often acceptable if the policy is Any Driver. Be aware some insurers will only allow named employees to use fleet vehicles.
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Q: Can my fleet cover my social, domestic and pleasure use?

A: Yes you can use your fleet policy for social, domestic and pleasure use.
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