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Who Are Fleet Compare?

Fleet Compare is an experienced, independent and unbiased insurance broker operating since 1989 and serving thousands of satisfied customers all over the UK. Governed and regulated by the FCA we provide commercial and business insurance policies that can be created on a flexible, bespoke basis. We take the guesswork out of commercial and fleet insurance, and could save you time, money and effort by helping you to consolidate all your business insurances under one policy.

Competitively priced and with flexible payments available, Fleet Compare are on hand to provide you with all the support you might need throughout the duration of your policy. Our customers are so satisfied with our services that most renew their policies with Fleet Compare year on year.

Why Trust Fleet Compare?

Over almost 30 years Fleet Compare have gained a reputation for providing a superior service. We have carefully built relationships with our board of trusted insurers which means we can negotiate exclusive prices for your policy. Your privacy and security are top priorities for us and any data you share with us is treated with the utmost care – our site uses an SSL certificate to encrypt data submitted through the quote form.

Our UK call centres are staffed by a team with an in depth understanding of the insurance industry, so you are only ever a phone call or online message away from our robust support. Specialising in business insurances means we have a unique insight into your commercial insurance needs.

Fleet Insurance Features

Our Fleet Insurance quote service and product has many benefits, not only does this combine all your individual policies with a single insurer and broker, you will have a single renewal date with a flexible payment plan, and moreover, fleets are often more competitively priced than individual insurance policies but we will always strive to get the best quote possible for our customers.

  • Interest Free payments available *subject to status

  • Any driver cover available

  • Free Legal Protection Cover

  • Courtesy car while your vehicle is at the approved repairer *subject to availability and acceptance criteria

  • Mix and match of cover including Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only

  • Public Liability option available

  • Personal visits available

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Protecting Your Fleet

We are aware that companies and individuals with large numbers of vehicles may struggle to stay afloat of their renewal dates and driver information. With a Fleet policy, all of your details are stored securely with a single company who can help provide peace of mind by taking care of your business with flexible fleet insurance quotes. We cover all kinds of fleets including hazardous goods fleets, light goods, and taxis.

Other benefits of fleet car insurance include optional windscreen cover on comprehensive policies, courtesy vehicles or new vehicle replacement dependant on circumstances and selected cover. Connect Insurance appreciate that entrusting the care of your fleet of vehicles is big step, so why risk placing your business with a company without a proven track record?

Fleet Insurance Policies

Fleet Insurance FAQs

A: You may be entitled to windscreen cover on your fleet insurance as long as you have a comprehensive policy in the event of damage to your windscreen including chips and cracks we can arrange for replacement or repair without effecting your no claims bonus, excess may be applicable.
A: Fleet Insurance is a package policy which can insure all of your vehicles in one place under a single insurance company with the same renewal date making it easier to manage. Other benefits include dedicated account handler, a flexible MID system to ensure your vehicles are covered sufficiently regardless of level of cover required.
A: There is no standard fleet insurance policy, as no two companies are the same we tailor fit your insurance policy to meet your demands and needs. Policy types include insurance, business fleet car insurance, policies for HGV fleets, light goods fleets, family fleet insurance and more.
A: You will need a Full UK or EU Licence to drive on a fleet insurance policy.
A: Cover for using your fleet abroad can be arranged for short periods depending on your fleet insurance company. If this is something you will require on your policy be sure to advise us during your quotation.
A: There is no limit to the number of drivers that you can have on a fleet policy, as they are usually Any Driver over 25 but this can vary depending on the fleet insurance company. Additional driving restrictions can include Any Driver over 30, Any Driver over 21 or on a Named Driver basis, depending on your requirements.
A: Yes you can get fleet insurance with a criminal conviction but you must declare it to the insurance company. In the event of a non-disclosure your insurance may be deemed null and void which can impact your ability to obtain insurance in the future, and in the event of an accident could have serious ramifications, including fines and even further criminal convictions.
A: You need at least 3 vehicles to have a fleet policy. At Connect we have two types of fleet products Mini Fleet Insurance which is between 2-10 vehicles and Fleet Insurance which is 10+.
A: You always need to make insurance companies aware of any driver who has any claims or convictions as it will need to be referred over to the fleet insurance company as they may not be eligible to drive on the policy. In the event that the driver is allowed on the policy there may be certain restrictions and endorsements applied.
A: As a rule of thumb any driver aged between 25-70 years old, who has held a licence for at least 1 year and has no accidents or convictions will not need to be referred over to the fleet insurance company, where the policy is an Any Driver over 25. Anything that falls outside of this category will need to be referred, for other driving restrictions the ages mentioned above would need to be adjusted accordingly (i.e. Any Driver over 30 policy would cover drivers aged between 30-70 without referral).
A: Anyone aged between 17-25 years old will need to be referred to the fleet insurance company as they are classed as a young driver, which some insurance companies do not accept. This can also be the same with older drivers so anyone aged over 70.
A: If you have high end vehicle you can insure this on your fleet insurance policy and you can insure it for a higher amount which won’t affect any other vehicles on your policy.
A: You cannot cover your family’s vehicles unless they are directors in your company; if you want to insure all your family’s vehicles in one place you should use the family fleet insurance policy. Should you wish for your spouse to use your vehicle included on the fleet policy this is often acceptable if the policy is Any Driver. Be aware some insurers will only allow named employees to use fleet vehicles.
A: Yes you can use your fleet insurance policy for social, domestic and pleasure use.

How Fleet Insurance Policies Work

Flexible and Friendly

Connect Insurance offers a wide variety of fleet products to suit all manner of professional and domestic clients. Since 1989 we have built up a formidable reputation and presence in the fleet insurance market. Working closely with our panel of specialist insurers we are able to offer bespoke, tailored and dedicated quotes for all requirements of fleet operators and drivers thanks to the business relationships we have nurtured over the past three decades.

What vehicles can I insure on my fleet?

Many fleet insurance companies can only provide cover for fleets with five or more vehicles, however here at Connect Insurance we are able to accommodate as few as three. If you only require insurance for two vehicles, we could cover these as individual insurance policies rather than a fleet. It is common for fleets to comprise of many varying vehicle types including:

  • Cars
  • MPV’s
  • Vans
  • Minicabs
  • Minibuses
  • Trucks

Here at Connect Insurance we can cover you regardless of the makeup of your fleet operation, and provide bespoke reliable insurance to ensure you are protected in the event of any eventuality.

Which level of cover should I choose for my fleet?

Not only can we provide mix and match cover options for your vehicle types, we can offer the same for your level of cover. We understand that some fleets of vehicles have lesser valued vehicles that only require cover for third party damages, or perhaps fire and theft too, whereas the more valuable and prestige vehicles in your fleet could need to be covered comprehensively.

  • Mix and Match
  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

Mixing and matching cover is a common scenario, and one that Connect Insurance are happy to accommodate, putting our customers mind at ease and ensuring the insurance policy we provide matches up perfectly with the clients business operations.

What are the driver restrictions on a fleet insurance policy?

Fleet operators will understand the frustration and energy required for managing their team of dedicated drivers and ensuring that all regulatory and legal requirements are adhered too. Connect Insurance can provide cover for drivers over 21 years old as standard and can cover younger drivers on referral depending on other risk factors; all drivers that we insure must have held their Full UK Licence and also been resident in the UK, for a minimum of two years. We are able to offer cover for fleets with drivers specified per vehicle, or alternatively Any Driver using any vehicle solutions (commonly Any Driver Over 25 or Any Driver Over 30).

  • Drivers over 21 years old as standard
  • Drivers under 21 years old on referral
  • Drivers with a Full UK licence for 2 years
  • Drivers resident in the UK for 2 years
  • Any Driver cover (over 25/over 30)

Where cover is only required for a driver to drive their own vehicle, and if drivers have held their local authority taxi badges for a notable time, there will be further savings to make on your insurance premium through Connect Insurance.

Do I earn no claims discount on a fleet insurance policy?

As a fleet operator or driver, you will likely already know that you do not earn no claims discount/no claims bonus on a Fleet insurance policy – instead you earn Fleet Insurance Claims Experience which is an indication of how long the company has been operating as a fleet provider, the size and performance of the fleet, and the frequency of incidents (claims) under the insurance.

This is known as being “Fleet Insurance rated” and Connect Insurance are only able to provide a quotation where Fleet Insurance Claims Experience can be provided for at least the past two years; this criteria allows us to foster positive relations with all of our insurance providers and not put their financial position at risk, or jeopardise our highly competitive rates by damaging our reputation with our strong insurance panel.

How easy is it to arrange fleet insurance?

The quotation provided by Connect Insurance will be sourced from a wide panel of insurance companies, each of whom we hold close business relationships with. We are not an aggregator website, and all of the insurance companies we approach are those we have established and nurtured relations with since the late 1980’s.

Connect Insurance are able to offer immediate cover once you are happy with your quotation, and can offer flexible payment options thanks to our partnerships with leading insurance underwriters, third party agencies and dependable finance providers. If you would like to discuss your taxi fleet insurance and receive a free no obligation quote, do not hesitate to give our experienced staff a call, or simply complete the online quote form.