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Did you say “Cookies”?

It was only a matter of time before hackers found a new method by which to cause panic across the internet, and the latest is through the abuse of cookies, common and important files that are created on your computer during web browsing.

So, what exactly is a “Cookie File”?

In essence, a cookie is a small text file that is created on your computer by a website or occasionally even by an email, and is used to store details about your internet preferences, browsing habits and occasionally, select sensitive data (examples can include login details, or the items within a shopping cart etc). The purposes of different cookies vary, but as a whole, they are rarely (if ever) created with malicious intent; however in the wrong hands, these files can be used to assist hacking or data theft.

Do I need these “Cookies”?

Cookies are used to collect information such as login details (to save the website user needing to input their details every time they visit), or indications about how visitors interact with a website (to help the designers to improve browsing experiences). When cookies are enabled they will allow the visitors web browser to easily access all areas and features of a website, however in doing this, the user is allowing cookies to be placed on their computer, no questions asked.

Realistically, what is the risk?

One identified risk of allowing cookies to be placed on your computer is the fact that when you visit a website with any adverts, widgets or other third party elements, their respective websites can also create cookies on your computer, something you will unlikely be made aware of. The main threat however is if a hacker were to intercept the transmission of the cookie files data between the server and the user’s computer; should this happen, the hacker can access details such as login information, passwords etc which could be then used to obtain fraudulent access to the users respective online accounts.

How can we protect you?

Connect insurance only place cookies on your device for the purpose of understanding user interaction to allow us to improve and optimise your experience; these cookies include google analytics and session tracking.

If you feel more comfortable disabling cookies this should not have any noticeable issues using our website.

PHPSESSID – This cookie is used to retain the browser session between your device and the website’s server, this ensures when you change page on the website the server recognises you have an existing connection. When you close your session this cookie is deleted.

There are also several cookies that are stored in relation to Google Analytics. The most common of these are ‘_GA’ and ‘_GID’ which are used to create a unique session ID for google analytics purposes and logs page views and session durations, and select demographic data about our users.

For more information on Google cookies, please see here: Google Analytics – Cookie Usage.