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Who requires Minibus Fleet Insurance? Minibus Fleet insurance is ideal for those operating in the passenger transport industry that owns multiple minibuses. There are many business operations that require Minibus Fleet insurance aside from the common ones such as taxi fleet companies and private hire fleet operators, some of which you likely wouldn’t expect:

  • Airport taxi operators
  • Charities/Not for Profit
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Nursing homes
  • Club or groups

Minibus Fleet insurance policies are typically designed for vehicle fleets upwards of three minibuses and bespoke policies can contain a mixture of vehicles where needed such as coaches or cars. Minibuses that have been adapted for disabled access by fitting a tail lift can still be covered under a Minibus Fleet insurance policy making them very versatile solutions. The policy for Minibus Fleet insurance can combine all required aspects of cover into one easy manageable policy, including:

  • EU Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Employers and Public Liability Cover

EU Cover will protect you when a driver covered under your Minibus Fleet policy is required to drive the vehicle into another EU country; for example, taking people into France for an away football match. Commonly included under fleet insurance policies, Windscreen Cover is crucial when repairing or replacing the windscreens on your minibuses, especially if you have multiple damaged at the same time.

When purchasing Minibus Fleet insurance it is always worth considering also taking out Public and Employers Liability Cover alongside it. Public Liability will protect you in the event that a member of the public makes a claim against your company, whereas Employers Liability will protect you from employee’s claims in the event they become injured or ill due to your carelessness or oversight.

Do I qualify for Minibus Fleet Insurance?

There are many widely differing setups that require Minibus Fleet Insurance as we touched on briefly above. In order to qualify for a Minibus Fleet policy, you will need to meet a few requirements pretty much anywhere you look. These requirements are very minimal but do protect insurance companies from chancers that are simply looking for cheap insurance when they do not have an actual Minibus Fleet.

  • A minimum of 3 minibuses
  • Between 8 and 17 passenger seats
  • Where customer transport is for profit, you must have a PCV licence

To get a quote for Minibus Fleet Insurance you will typically need to own/lease/hire at least 3 minibuses; you will be hard pressed to find any company that would classify less than 2 Minibuses as a fleet.

In order for a vehicle to be classed as a Minibus they should typically have between 8 and 17 passenger seats, although in the case of modifications where a seat has been removed, you can occasionally find a company such as Connect Insurance who can still offer cover. If your vehicles have more than 17 seats, a Coach Fleet Insurance policy may be more suitable due to vehicle classification.

It is important that should you operate a customer transport operation for profit (i.e. you charge for you services) then you must hold at least a valid Category D1 PCV licence to identify you qualification for driving a Passenger Carrying Vehicle. The PCV licence allows you to drive a minibus with a seating capacity no greater than 16 and not exceeding 8 meters in length.

Is Minibus Fleet Insurance Right for Me?

If you own a business/charity/group etc. which operates multiple minibuses, the chances are that Minibus Fleet Insurance is right for you. A Minibus Fleet policy will make your Minibus Insurance smoother and easy to manage by taking away all of the hassle of multiple renewal dates and combining them into one date.

Connect Insurance operate on the basis that no two businesses are the same which means that no two quotations will be the same either. In order to get you the best possible price you will be given a devoted account handler who will help arrange a tailor fitted quotation that meets the requirements of your Minibus Fleet business.

With a broker you will get to know your dedicated account handler who will assist with any amendments that are needed during the policy term, right up until your renewal date. Common bespoke scenarios include:

  • Mixed combinations of minibus vehicles.
  • Mixed level of cover including third party only to comprehensive.
  • Range of drivers with different ages, residency and licence types.

If you own an 8 seater minibus, a 12 seater and also a 16 seater minibus for example, these can all be covered under the same Minibus Fleet Insurance policy, and you won’t require multiple renewal dates.

In another scenario, perhaps one of your minibuses is a decade old now, whereas another is relatively new; under a Minibus Fleet policy you could cover the 10 year old minibus for only third party damages, but cover your brand new minibus comprehensively. It is very easy to mix and match cover on a Minibus Fleet policy.

It is very common for drivers employed by a business to vary greatly from experience, to age, especially for charities and airport operators. It does not matter whether your Minibus Fleet has a 23 year old driver who has held a licence for 3 years, a 56 year old driver who has held a licence for 20+ years, or both. The beauty of a Minibus Fleet policy is that you are able to insure multiple drivers under the one policy, making life easier for you as minibus fleet operator.

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