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What is HGV fleet insurance?

HGVs, or heavy goods vehicles, are a different class of vehicles to the similarly named hazardous goods vehicle class, the main difference being the size or volume of the vehicle.

Where we refer to HGV fleet insurance, we are talking about vehicles that fall into the heavy goods vehicle class; these are defined as being any truck with a gross combination mass (GCM) of more than 3500kg, or 3.5 metric tonnes. In the EU, this class of vehicle is interchangeable with the LGV class, or large goods vehicle class.

The HGV class covers a wide spectrum of different high capacity haulage vehicles such as the multi axle lorries that make up a large part of many HGV fleets. These large vehicles, by the nature of the haulage industry, often spend a lot of time on the road which does unfortunately increase the risks to drivers and vehicles sharing the same space. This highlights the importance of a robust insurance policy that will protect your drivers and vehicles, as well as other road users.

Examples of HVG fleets include:

  • Haulage companies
  • Waste removal services
  • Logistics companies
  • Long distance freight
  • Other private and commercial use

Why choose HGV fleet insurance?

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed when you opt for HGV fleet insurance rather than insuring each vehicle under a separate policy, perhaps the most obvious being a single renewal date. Indeed, this is seen by some as the main attraction of choosing fleet insurance, particularly where large fleets are concerned. Under these circumstances it can be tricky to keep track of the insurance status of your HGV fleet, but opting for HGV fleet insurance gives you that extra peace of mind.

Insurance for HGV fleets can be mixed and matched to suit your needs, including the underwriting of ‘any driver’ policies and policies that have a mixture of coverage levels decided on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Our customers have found these bespoke policies to be a less restrictive way to insure their HGV fleets when compared to more traditional insurance policies.

What do I need to know about HGV fleet insurance?

Without the right insurance in place, your operations may not be fully above board and this can leave you open to damaging legal action should the worst happen. To help protect your business, vehicles, and drivers, we will spend time getting to know and understand the way your business works.

We can then use this information to brief our trusted insurers with your requirements and personally compare the available policies to source the most appropriate coverage at a fantastic price.

Trust and transparency are at the heart of everything we do at Fleet Compare, forging long lasting relationships with clients to ensure their operations can run as smoothly as possible and helping to reduce the financial and time costs associated with insuring your vehicles individually.

How can I get specialist HGV fleet insurance for my fleet?

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