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Are Telematics and Dash Cams the same thing?

There is a common misconception between UK drivers that telematics and dash cams (dashboard cameras) are one and the same, which is problematic when the latter has such a negative reputation. A lot of drivers who use vehicles fitted with dash cams for work see them as invasive; misguidedly believing their purpose is to monitor them personally and facilitate any issues raised with their driving style. This is not the case, generally.

A dash cam is used for recording video footage that can be used to refute claims allegations both in and outside of court. There has been a worrying trend emerging over the past decade of “crash for cash” scammers who will intentionally cause collisions with innocent drivers and then extort as much money out of the situation as possible. There have even been instances where drivers caught in these fraudulent scenarios have died as a result. The presence of a dash cam really provides crystal clear evidence of the events that led up to the incident, meaning the insurers are a lot better positioned to assess the claim.

Telematics are tracking devices which add a wide range of additional details and insights into where and how your fleet of vehicles are utilised. Telematics can be used to efficiently manage vehicle maintenance by alerting a business owner to vehicle usage to assist with planning vehicle services, MOTs and tyre replacements etc. Telematics also encourage safe driving, and promote increased awareness of hazards and concerns with their driving style; according to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures from 2014, around 25% of all vehicle collisions involve a vehicle that is being driven for work. Tracking vehicle locations allows the fleet manager to know where their drivers are at all times which can improve routes, delivery times and scheduling, and is ideal for light goods fleets, HGVs and more.

How Does Telematics make My Insurance Cheaper?

Most Fleet Insurance companies will offer either a discount or a preferred scheme price to business owners who are prepared to have telematics fitted to their fleet of vehicles. It is not only the reduction of claims and accidents that Insurance Companies allow this discount but also that they feel that the business is looking to protect the fleets safety using the most up to date technology available.

Through good claims performance come’s more competitive insurance premiums. Depending on which telematics company is used they would allow the business owner to have a dashboard which shows a multitude of information such as:

  • Visibility of vehicles positions
  • Journey details
  • Speed profile
  • Alerts for driving issues:Speed limit violations
    Harsh braking
    Movement out of hours
  • League tables to promote safer driving
  • Self-Installation devices

With business managers being able to access all of the above then you can act upon the areas needed for improvement and to maximise performance of your fleet.

How Do I Introduce Telematics To My Fleet Of Vehicles?

Telematics technology has been available for a number of years and it appears that each independent telematics company have tried to improve on each other’s offering by introducing extra facilities. In the beginning you should invite a handful of well know telematics companies to show you a demonstration of their systems and take note what the positives and negatives are for each telematics offering. Once you have agreed to proceed with a telematics offering then the company would advise you how they would fit the telematics unit to each of your fleet vehicles and give a time scale for this. At the same time they would give you instruction on how to use the dashboard, how to run the management reports and how best to use the information that these provide.

Connect Insurance have three decades worth of knowledge and experience in the Fleet Insurance market, and have been aware of the intricacies of Telematics since the technology first became available meaning they are well positioned to discuss and arrange your Fleet Insurance needs for Telematics Fleet Insurance. Call today, or complete the short enquiry form to request a call back from an experienced fleet insurance operator.

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