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Who is haulage fleet & courier fleet insurance designed for?

Courier Fleet insurance and haulage fleet insurance policies are designed for those working in the transport and logistics sector involved in the delivery and collection of goods all over the country. Courier and Haulage Fleets pose a sizeable risk when you consider the sheer amount of time they are on the roads, the unfamiliar areas of the country they may be covering, and the allure for thieves to target their wares.

If you operate a Courier Fleet then having the correct insurance in place is essential. Couriers not only rely on insurance to cover their driving on roads nationwide, but also subsidiary policies to cover other aspects of the business where appropriate, such as:

  • Goods In Transit insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Employers Liability insurance

Goods in Transit insurance will protect the value of the goods you transport in the event they are damaged, lost or stolen. Public Liability will protect you against claims from members of the public that negligence or oversight during your Courier activities causes them loss or injury. Employers Liability is in fact a legal requirement in most cases and will protect the company from legal claims arising due to health and safety breaches, or other mistakes that result in injury or loss to your employees.

Is courier fleet insurance right for me?

If you are a Courier Fleet or Haulage Fleet operator who manages a fleet of more than 3 vehicles, then Courier Fleet insurance is likely a good fit for your business. A Courier Fleet policy will combine all the insurance policies for individual vehicles into a singular renewal date and help the day to day management of all your drivers and documents in a single central point of storage.

Courier Fleet insurance is often very competitively priced in comparison to individual policies, and as with any other type of fleet policy from taxi fleet to hazardous goods fleets, the cover is very flexible. With the help of a dedicated account handler, a Courier Fleet policy can help save time and money on not only the insurance aspect, but also the day to day running of your business by better helping you to manage facets of your business including drivers, vehicles and claims. Fleet insurance policies can typically offer:

  • Mixed combinations of vehicle types including cars, vans and trucks.
  • Mixed levels of cover from third party only through to comprehensive.
  • Mixture of drivers with different ages, residency, and licence types.

Specialist courier and haulage fleet insurance policies

If the makeup of your Courier Fleet requires you to have 7.5 tonne trucks insured fully comprehensive, meanwhile you have a handful of older transit vans you only need covering for third party damages, we can accommodate it. Perhaps you only usually have your vehicles covered for Third Party, Fire and Theft, but have recently purchased a couple of newer vehicles you would like covering Comprehensive; it’s perfectly fine, we can provide the cover you need.

Courier Fleet insurance can cover various driver setups, from Any Driver policies which allow drivers over a certain specified age to drive any vehicle on the Fleet (such as Any Driver over 30), or more bespoke solutions with individually named drivers and their respective experience noted; it isn’t a problem, here at Connect Insurance we can work closely beside you to ensure the Fleet policy you purchase is arranged in line with your requirements and needs.

Does my business qualify for courier & haulage fleet insurance?

Qualifying for Courier Fleet insurance will depend mainly on your business activities and how you operate as a company. The goods you deliver could vary from parcels, to electronics, to medical supplies. Certain goods will not usually qualify for Courier Fleet insurance, such as fast food deliveries, or hazardous goods. These types of deliveries are covered by alternate Fleet policies. If you only deliver goods to a specific location, or locations, then you may find Haulage Fleet insurance to be better suited for your needs.

Couriers have a diverse range of occupational requirements with very different circumstances which can make arranging your Fleet insurance a real chore. Here at Connect Insurance we have specialised in Fleet insurance for almost three decades and understand how to tailor policies to suit our client’s requirements and needs. We work closely with leading haulage fleet insurance companies and are in an advantageous position to save you money thanks to our strong business relationships.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for fleet insurance, feel free to give Connect Insurance a call to discuss this further. We will be happy to help and even happier to save you money on your insurance.

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