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What is small business fleet insurance?

Simply put, small business fleet insurance allows all the vehicles in a small business’s fleet to be insured under one policy. This type of insurance is tailored to businesses which have small fleets of three or more vehicles which are used for purposes relating to the business.

Small businesses take many forms and operate a huge range of vehicle fleet types, some examples can include:

  • Courier fleets
  • Vans used by tradesmen
  • Private ambulances
  • Taxi companies
  • Company cars

Of course, some small businesses will operate fleets that contain a mixture of vehicle types. For example, a taxi company may have a mixture of cars and minibuses that need insuring under the same small business fleet insurance policy, or a plumber may have a car and a van that they use for commercial purposes, depending on the requirements of the job.

Do I need small business fleet insurance?

As you may already be aware, insuring a small business fleet can be a little more complicated than insuring a single car for personal use; there are more legal considerations that need to be made, and when you are running a business it can add to your already sizeable workload. By choosing small business fleet insurance you can enjoy a huge range of benefits that can save you time and money.

Fleet insurance for small businesses can form a core model for business operations, helping to streamline services and keep administration time and costs down. Generally, small business fleets operate between 3 and 10 vehicles at any one time.

What are the benefits of small business fleet insurance?

Small fleet car insurance and mixed fleet insurance policies for small businesses have multiple benefits:

  • Convenience– Insure all the vehicles in your small business fleet under one policy. This makes renewal time a breeze, freeing up extra time for the really important things
  • Money saving – By creating a bespoke small business fleet insurance package, you will be able to vary the level of cover on a vehicle by vehicle basis. For example, you may opt for comprehensive cover on new vehicles, while third party cover might be perfect for your older vehicles. This can save you money on your small business fleet insurance
  • Peace of mind – Through years of experience, we have an in depth understanding of insurance and associated legal requirements so can make sure you are always appropriately covered
  • Dedicated support – A simple claims procedure makes it straightforward to make a claim using your business fleet insurance. Report any incidents using a dedicated service to ensure compliance and have claims resolved in a timely fashion
  • Flexibility – Your policy is drafted around your specific needs, allowing you freedom and flexibility. Vehicles and drivers can be insured under a single flexible policy that doesn’t hinder your business operations

Will my small business fleet insurance policy be restrictive?

We understand that every small business has different needs and operates in a different way, which is why our specialist insurance packages can be made bespoke to suit your specific needs. Our aim is to get to know the needs of your business individually, and we can then use this knowledge and understanding to compare policies from a board of trusted providers to find the one that is most suitable.

This flexibility is something that our clients really appreciate about our services; whether you need to need to insure drivers on an ad hoc basis, mix and match policies to cover a range of different vehicle types, ‘any driver’ policies so that any named driver can use any vehicle listed in the policy, or list vehicles with different coverage levels, insuring with Fleet Compare helps connect you with the most appropriate policy.

Why choose Fleet Compare for your small business fleet insurance?

If you operate a small business fleet and need insurance, there is a very good chance that combining all your vehicles under one policy will save your business money, as well as improving transparency. Furthermore, specialist fleet insurance policy underwriters will be fully prepared with all the knowledge they need to properly understand the potential risks to your fleet and will ensure you’re protected and compliant should you ever need to make a claim.

Over the course of more than 20 years in the industry, we have formed strong relationships with insurance providers in the UK and are in an excellent position to provide highly competitive fleet insurance for small businesses. If you would like to contact us for a quote you can use our quick online quote request form, or give us a call.

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